@Synikall x @JaggedHedz feat. @TrademarkBlud – Illusions Of Grandeur [Video]

@Synikall x @JaggedHedz feat. @TrademarkBlud - Illusions Of Grandeur [Video]

Feeling that Hip-Hop has been diluted & water down, Synikall is on a mission to “make Hip-Hop great again“. To jump things off towards that goal, Synikall has recruited the witty & thought provoking Trademark Blud to help to do on “Illusions Of Grandeur” alongside production pair Jagged Hedz.

The track which is set to feature on Synikall’s forthcoming release, ‘The Grandeur Trilogy‘, sees duo Jagged Hedz provide a bass heavy beat for the lyrical twosome to express themselves on. “Illusions Of Grandeur” is based around the mental issues most of us go through daily. From being on top of the world to questioning your own decisions and bringing self-doubt into your mind.

Synikall recently released the first of his ‘Grandeur Trilogy‘ EP’s, entitled ‘Evolution Of Grandeur‘, for free download via his website…Both Jagged Hedz & Trademark Blud are also working on new projects due to drop early 2017!!!