#SwayInTheMorning (@RealSway) Interview: @DaveLighty

Sway interviews Dave Lighty

This Is 50 | As we previously reported, the family of Chris Lighty has launched an investigation into his death. Chris' brother, Dave Lighty, appeared on Sway in the Morning recently to talk about Chris' suspicious passing and gave his opinion on why he doesn't believe the music executive committed suicide.

"I was with my brother almost every day until the last couple of months because I was going to school. [Suicide] is not my brother," Dave said. "I know we were all going through stressful times. Everybody was, the economy is terrible right now. At the same time - man Chris was a go-getter. The ultimate non stopping machine. That's just not something I would see him putting upon the rest of us and everybody that he knows that looks up to him."

The investigation into Chris' death is being led by Les Levine. Dave said the family will provide more details to the public when things become clearer. -Chasin Dat Paper