@SuliBreaks Asks 'What Is Beauty?'

@SuliBreaks Asks 'What Is Beauty?'

"We asked a group of 6-11 yr olds their views on BEAUTY and got some very surprising answers! We then combined the answers with my spoken word piece around the same subject.

I came up with concept for "What Is Beauty" when a girl approached me after a performance and asked me if I had ever written anything on bullying. I told her I hadn't but the thought stayed with me.

The video was created around the time the #Likeagirl campaign by ALWAYS came out. It's inspired by that idea.

What I realised while filming this was that as young children we have confidence in our own beauty, at what point do we lose that? This is just a reminder to myself and others of that innocence which allows us to live life to the fullest.

None of the young people involved saw the questions beforehand, and each person was filmed without hearing the other's answers.

Poem from an interlude on my new album 'The Dissertation'" -Suli Breaks