Suli Breaks “I Am The Algorithm” (Video)

Suli Breaks "I Am The Algorithm" (Video)

Suli Breaks
“I Am The Algorithm”
Official Video

British spoken word artist Suli Breaks shares the official video for his new poem, “I Am The Algorithm”.

Visuals provided by Easy As Video Editing

I’m the algorithm

welcome back

i been expecting you

coz i know i’m the first you do when you wake up, before you wash your face up

order your coffee takeaway cup or serve your tea

you swipe up and worship me.

don’t worry how i’m not here to judge

we it’s scroll up for more novels or down for corn models

up for £600 steak from salt bae that you can tweet

or down your favorite TikTok recipe

that takes 20 secs to watch but all day to cook

there so much to eat let me fill your feed


i’m not my cousin matrix, but which one you taking today

is it blue or red pill then

let me know which is more appealing and open wide for their medicine

so let me help you, or he or him or she they or all them

i ain’t judging i’m the algorithm

i won’t hurt, but you might get a slight case FOMO,

but that ain’t my fault i just do the promo

i’m the antidote to your of boredom

it’s not my fault you don’t feel comfortable in your own company

speaking of company, we don’t make content

and we don’t promote content that doesn’t sell

so before we call money isn’t the root of evil,

we have to look at people

i know am i the preparatory or the victim

coz i makes the suggestions

populates our screen with videos but it don’t force us to click them.

so i could tell you to log off, sign out of all your accounts

we are all addicts

you can probably hold your breath, longer than you can go without checking your messages

forget needles, the nicotine and caffeine

how many hits a day you take of that glass and plastic, indium coated screen

it’s easy to blame to the algorithm for the itch

how much is your stream of consciousness impacted by a live stream on twitch

do you need to see them on the timeline for your thoughts to click

it’s too easy to stay stop scrolling

once upon a time a scroll was an important document.

Scriptures that would sing

of the glad tiding they could bring to you and your kings

So a scroll has always been important.

but i guess it all depends on how you use it.