Subway Employee @JumanneWay Awarded Donkey Of The Day For Trashing Restaurant Attempting To Get Signed By Meek Mill

Subway Employee @JumanneWay Awarded Donkey Of The Day For Trashing Restaurant Attempting To Get Signed By Meek Mill

A Subway sandwich artist who filmed himself trashing one of the restaurant chain’s outlets and arranging food items on a toilet seat has been fired.

In the clips, which first gained attention on Reddit, the fast food worker can be seen deliberately treading on sandwich fillings and arranging deli meats around a bathroom.

Newsweek found another clip of the man throwing bread and other sandwich ingredients to the floor behind the restaurant counter. That video has since been deleted.

The man’s unsavory actions first came to light after a video was posted to Reddit under the title “Subway worker walks on food for clout.”

In the clip, he can be seen arranging a series of metal containers full of a variety of Subway sandwich fillings and ingredients across the floor of the restaurant.

The man then films himself deliberately stepping from inside one box to the next, treading on previously untouched food items as he goes.

At the time of writing, the video had been upvoted 14,900 times on the platform.

Soon after, another video surfaced on Reddit, posted under the heading: “the same Subway worker who were [sic] stepping on food, now put food on the toilet.”

In the 11-second clip, the man could be seen showing viewers a toilet seat adorned with deli meats matching the description of those found inside the average Subway restaurant. Lettuce, tomatoes, peppers and other salad items are also visible on the floor of the bathroom where the clip was filmed.

At the time of publishing, the video had received a further 20,800 upvotes.

It was subsequently discovered that the unnamed Subway worker had previously uploaded a series of videos to Instagram and YouTube under the handle JumanneStruggled.

While neither account featured the viral clips which appeared on Reddit, both videos were later found on a Facebook account operated by someone with the username Jumanne Way.

According to his Facebook account, he is a resident of Providence, Rhode Island.

The account included another video showing the Subway worker trashing the area behind the counter at the fast food restaurant.

In the video, the man can be seen throwing bread, meats and a variety of sandwich fillings and salad items to the floor. That video has been taken down since, however, a video showing the aftermath of his outburst is still available to watch on YouTube.

The Subway worker, who identified himself as Jumanne Clary, told Newsweek he had only been working at his current location for about a month.

“I took the idea for walking on the food, and the toilet from other controversial things that I’ve seen on the internet,” he said.

“I’m not exactly sure what, but I figured it would draw attention.”

Clary said the videos represented the culmination of a difficult few years. “It’s a lot that happened within the last 5 years that lead to those Subway videos.”

“The owners of the store were disappointed in my actions,” he added. “I’ve been struggling with finding purpose in my life for years, and was uncertain in my ability to maintain stability. I gave up on myself. I always enjoyed Subway as a customer, and as a employee.”

In a statement issued to Newsweek, a spokesperson for Subway confirmed that the man was indeed an employee of the company but added that he had been fired since the videos came to light.

“Subway and our network of franchisees take health and food safety extremely seriously and don’t condone any behavior that violates our strict policies in these areas,” they said.

“While Subway restaurants are individually owned and operated, we have confirmed with the franchisee of this location that the employee was immediately terminated after he learned of the employee’s actions.”

Clary has since returned to YouTube to post a lengthy video insisting that while the clips of him throwing, standing on and arranging food around a toilet were real any previous footage in which he appeared to suggest he had tampered with food given to customers was fake. Despite this admission, Clary refused to apologize for his conduct in the clips.

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