Sturk Pens Touching Tribute To The Memory Of Deceased Baltimore Woman #KorrynGaines

Sturk - Korryn Gaines Song [Track Artwork]

Oklahoma rapper Sturk took to the social network, Instagram, last night and announced that the story of the late Korryn Gaines had inspired him to pen a track in her honor.

For those who don’t know, Korryn was a young Baltimore woman who lost her life after being fatally shot by authorities, after a long standoff.

“I can’t explain it but there’s just something about her story and the video that replays in my mind, at least once a week,” said Sturk. He continued saying, “as an artist, I have to express myself even on complicated issues such as the situation resulting in the death of a 23 year old woman with kids.”

In a hip hop landscape where rappers are engaging in silly beefs, it’s always great when a rapper reminds us of real life issues.

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