Stream WNOL's (MCRE & Think 2wice) 'Day Dreams' EP

Stream WNOL's (MCRE & Think 2wice) 'Day Dreams' EP

WNOL stands for When No One's Listening.

The duo consists of emcees named MCRE (from Connecticut) & Think 2wice (from Portland, Oregon).

They linked up with J57 in 2018 and inked a deal with his FiveSe7en Collective record label as well as creating the 'Day Dreams' EP that dropped today (1.16.2019)!!!

Features include Copywrite, I.N.F. of Dead Rabbits, and female vocalist Little Thousand.

All beats were produced by J57 with the except of one track that was co-produced by Rob Viktum.

Artwork was created by Marvel Comics illustrator, Chris B. Murray.

The 'Day Dreams' EP is also available to stream & cop via Songlink!!!