Stream Tuelv’s Debut Album ‘Rainshine’ (@TuelvBeats)

Stream Tuelv's Debut Album 'Rainshine' (@TuelvBeats)

Polish hip-hop producer Tuelv drops his debut album, ‘Rainshine‘, in cooperation with Miami-based record label Effortless Audio.

It includes 12 songs entirely produced by Tuelv and features 5 MC’s from different cities in the US: J.Nolan (ATL), JSWISS (NYC), CashUs King fka Co$$ (L.A.), Louis King (L.A.), and Easy Lee from groups Mojoe & Third Root (New Orleans/Texas).

Stream Tuelv's Debut Album 'Rainshine' (@TuelvBeats)

Moreover, he cooperated with 4 live musicians for this project: bass guitar player Lez Lemon (NYC), multi-instrumentalist O’hene Savant (Philadelphia), sax players Eric Thomas (Atlanta) & Melania Śmigielska (Poland).

The whole album is based on 70’s soul/jazz/funk samples and has a classic, warm, dynamic analog hip-hop sound, inspired by the golden era of the 90’s – and standing in opposition to the ongoing loudness wars, which put emphasis on loudness and not dynamics in music.

Rainshine‘ is also available on all other major streaming platforms

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