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Tribeca-Grand on January 11, 2018 [Press Photo]

TRIBECA-GRAND has been on a tear since their Colin Kaepernick-inspired single “Take A Knee” peaked at #2 on earlier this year. The song began charting on college radio last October. Not to be pigeonholed, the group returned in short order with “NY-PHI”. Member Grand Agent explains the concept of the song that samples Digable Planets’ “Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like That)” and interpolates Boyz II Men’s “Motownphilly.” “We just wanted people to know that not everything is going to be as heavy-handed as ‘Take A Knee.’ There’s nothing more Hip-Hop than flippin’ something that’s technically ‘untouchable’ and then just reppin’ your city,” he says.


The Album
SPORT OF THE GODS‘ boasts a traditional 10-track line-up reminiscent of BDP’s ‘Criminal Minded’ & Nas’ ‘Illmatic’. Listeners will notice that much like the above mentioned classics, this is the artist’s album: few to no features. It’s a lean collection of memorable records; no skits, no filler, but a solid story nonetheless.

There’s the singles “Take A Knee” & “NY-PHI”, the political commentary and hometown anthem respectively. Then, there’s “Caught Up,” the cautionary tale of an Instagram DM gone wrong; “Suicide Rhymer,” the experimental concept record; “Let’s All Get Funky,” the just-for-fun DJ favorite, and “Everyday,” the new single that does exactly what it supposed to do: get you to the album. “Everyday” is a warm-weather mid-tempo groove, a catchy hook and hood certified lyrics. One program director describes the sound as “feel-good underground.”

TRIBECA-GRAND's 'SPORT OF THE GODS' Album Release Party [Event Artwork]

Album Release Party
On May 31, TRIBECA-GRAND will celebrate the release, ‘SPORT OF THE GODS‘, with a live performance at Ardmore Music Hall just outside of Philly. The night will be hosted by LADY B, the Hip-Hop radio legend and the first female MC to ever make a record. Closing the night out will be none other than the legendary KRS-ONE. If the caliber of the night’s line-up is indicative of things to come for TRIBECA-GRAND, it may be safe to expect greatness.

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