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Trizz - Ashes N Dust [Album Artwork]

"I believe in the afterlife, hell and heaven, demons and angels. The horror in my music comes from a real place including things I’ve seen as well as nightmares and visions I have had." While currently only in his mid-twenties the Inland Empire/Los Angeles rapper known as Trizz has come to be viewed as the dark horseman of Hip-Hop for almost a decade at this point.

An example of this morbid preoccupation is his early break-through project "Case 17". 17 being the number of victims linked to American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. This release also marked the start of his working relationship with long-time producer AC3 Beats (Ace Beats). Able to create digitally stuttered and sub-woofer thumping soundscapes, AC3 is the perfect conductor to Trizz's role as an urban Crypt-Keeper. Speaking of his long-time cohort Trizz said "I wouldn’t do any album without him. That’s my family so we can argue and fight about some shit we don’t agree on and still make a hit."

That initial work led to an early co-sign and relationship with horror-core progenitor, Brotha Lynch Hung and his Madesicc Muzicc label. This included writing credits and production work on Hung’s seventh studio album "Mannibalector" (2013).

In addition to "Case 17", the partnership between AC3 and Trizz has yielded much macabre fruit, including 2016's full-length album "LeatherFace 2" (on which AC3 produced eight of the album’s ten tracks).

Now following up on that sonically dank masterpiece the duo has announced a new full-length together, "Ashes N Dust" which was released on December 15th via Below System Records. Self-described as a suburban horror flick on tape, Trizz explains "the town I come from looks beautiful but it holds dark secrets. At night, all hell breaks loose and goes undocumented. Ashes N Dust contains the lost files with everything you need to know about where I come from."

The album's first single "The Backstreet" is a collaboration with the current heir to the West's G-Funk legacy, G Perico. The L.A. natives initially linking up by a chance encounter during this year’s Hiero Day in Oakland. Other collaborators on the album include Rob $tone, King Iso and Pomona Drey to name a few.

In addition to his voluminous solo work, Trizz has released several weed-centric EP's and albums with Sacramento MC Chuuwee (including AmeriKKa's Most Blunted 1 and 2, the Two Puff Pass EP and the Smoke Out EP) with a bulk of the production handled by AC3 Beats.

As a live performer Trizz has been keeping quite busy this year appearing on the Independent Powerhouse US Tour 2017 with Tech N9ne & Brotha Lynch Hung as well as the Hearing Colours European Tour with the CunninLynguists. Expect more news on videos and shows to follow shortly.

"Ashes N Dust" Tracklisting:

  1. Intro
  2. Slide N Skate
  3. Hocus Pocus
  4. The Backstreet (featuring G Perico)
  5. Where We Come From
  6. Myself (featuring Pomona Drey)
  7. The Party (Interlude)
  8. The Party (featuring Kiing Drew)
  9. Lie Down
  10. The Trap (Interlude)
  11. Sleep In A Trap
  12. Backwards (featuring King Iso)
  13. After Me
  14. 40oz (featuring Rob $tone)
  15. BadMF (featuring Edgar Sosa)

Bonus Tracks (CD Only):

  • Kill Us
  • Kill Us (Remix) [featuring Godemis of Ces Cru]

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