Stream The Hamiltones’ ‘Watch The Tones (The B Side)’ EP

Stream The Hamiltones' 'Watch The Tones (The B Side)' EP

Anthony Hamilton’s famed former backup vocalists and Grammy-nominated viral sensations The Hamiltones emboldened their transition to the forefront with their lauded debut project Watch The Ton3s in June of last year.

Making major strides in 2019 with a well-received EP, and a debut late night TV performance, The Hamiltones continue to build on their momentum today (2.14.2020) with the release of Watch The Ton3s (The B Side) EP.

Now available on all DSPs via Young Vintage LLC/Ghetto All Stars/Common Cents Media Group, the new project is a six-track extension of the group’s debut EP from 2019.

I think finally the world truly gets to experience The Hamiltones.” –Tony Lelo (of The Hamiltones)

I think this project is another dimension of us. On The B Side, we approached our audience differently from a sonic point of view. A different style, same ole soul.” –2E (of The Hamiltones)