Stream Teck-Zilla’s ‘Summer Zilla’ Beat Tape (@TeckZilla108 @Str8Buttah)

Stream Teck-Zilla's 'Summer Zilla' Beat Tape (@TeckZilla108 @Str8Buttah)

Summer Zilla is the soul-drenched, sun-kissed new beat tape from Nigerian-based beatsmith, Teck-Zilla. The way he flips samples will leave crate diggers yearning for more while heads of all ages will no doubt use this as their next warm-weather excursion. Whether you’re experiencing dreadfully high temperatures or lucking out with some cool breezes right now, Summer Zilla is your new soundtrack.

As he’s established over the years with other themed projects, Teck-Zilla can take any subject matter and turn it into something new and refreshing. For Summer Zilla, that meant combing through his crates to find just the right set of records to transform into what we hear on these ten brilliant instrumentals.

According to Teck, he produced the majority of the beats on here several years ago, though they went through his usual edits and revisions. “While the original concept was kinda different from what it is now, the beats at the time were made to fit a certain vibe,” he says. “I pretty much tailored the beats to suit my birth month (July), and I already knew I was going to release it then, so that put the ‘warm’ element into the mix.”

Singling out individual tracks almost feels like an injustice what Teck-Zilla has crafted here. Every bit of Summer Zilla—from the scratches and head-nodding drums of “By Buy Bye” to the more modern and hypnotic “Beaucoup”—is seamless and beautifully produced. That being said, the beat-switch on “Vanilla Drenched” is unexpected yet gratifying, while “Dear Summer” closes out the tape with a bang(er).

If you’ve been looking for something to ride to this summer, Teck-Zilla has more than got you covered. Head over to your preferred digital outlet or streaming platform to support Summer Zilla, which is available now via Str8Buttah Productions/EMPIRE.

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