Stream SouLyricist's (@mcSouLyricist) 'Ver Batim: Vol. 1' Beat Tape

SouLyricist - Ver Batim: Vol. 1 [Beat Tape Artwork]

When it comes to vibrations, this Tallahassee, Florida native SouLyricist speaks from the soul. SouLyricist showcases his passion for music & life with tasteful, virtuosic craftsmanship rooted in Hip-Hop culture. His debut release of original, Boom Bap instrumentals organically organizes itself into one smooth listen. 'Ver Batim: Vol. 1' is the album that journeys through landscapes where old school vibes collide with Hip-Hop ties; Funk as the driver & Jazz on the side.

"When it comes to vibrations, my soul tends to gravitate towards organic sounds. On 'Ver Batim: Vol. 1', there is a variation of instrumental ensembles featuring horns, strings, woodwinds, bells, guitars, electric and sub basses, organs, vintage keyboards, funky synth leads, atmospheric pads, along with a handful of other world instruments. Of course it wouldn't be complete without the warmth of old school sounding, BoomBap drums. As I always say, "I like my bass kick to boom and my snares to WAP!"

The creative process is an interesting one. Sometimes I choose the instruments I want to hear first, load them up in Maschine, then start jamming on them until something is played that I want to loop. Then I go through each instrument to see how it can add to the texture of the music. Other times, I begin with the drums. Get a good back beat going, then I listen for cues which instrument I hear in my brain. After that, it's pretty simple. Pull up the instrument, or pick it up, play the part out and lay it down. One thing you can count on though, is each song will have a few different sections, i.e. intro, verse, chorus, bridge, etc.

As far as gear goes, I use Native Instruments' Maschine to create my beats. A MacBook Pro with NI's Komplete Audio 6 interface, which I direct line in an Epiphone bass guitar and a Fender Telecaster electric guitar, accompanied by NI's Komplete 8 production suite and a few other plugins. For vocals and other acoustic instruments, a Blue Bluebird microphone is the one on deck. For recording and mixing, Sennheiser HD 280 pro headphones all day, and a pair of Mackie 5" reference monitors. DAW: Tracktion 6 (made by Mackie).

The song selection and the ordering process came after the tracks were already made. It started off pretty simple with the running title of 12 Beats. lol. Then like most ideas, the album evolved and morphed into something unexpectedly wonderful. The Creator's plan is way bigger than mine, so I tap into that and allow Him/Her to do Their thing.

The theme of the album is a simple, yet complex one. We've all heard, "History repeats itself." Well this is similar however applied to life, spoken through Music, and seeking opportunities. Music is the Universal Language communicated by all populations of the Earth. Every person can experience the same situation, yet have a different interpretation and understanding of that experience. In the Western Scale of Music, there are 12 possible steps (half steps) before the notes repeat themselves. This is known as a chromatic scale. The difference is now we are in a new octave, a new vibration of the same tones. So the message is within the songs themselves, representing baby steps in life. Your understanding, interpretation, and experience from this album is truly yours and yours alone. The knowledge you receive the second listen through, will be the same, however the message will feel completely new." –SouLyricist