Stream Rhymesayers Entertainment’s ‘Plays, Strays & Stays: A Rhymesayers 2018 Recap’ Project

Stream Rhymesayers Entertainment's 'Plays, Strays & Stays: A Rhymesayers 2018 Recap' Project

This was a big year for Rhymesayers and their artists!!!

They put out a lot of music that they’re really proud of, so they’ve decided to compile a collection to highlight some of the amazing projects they worked on and the talent they’re blessed to work with.

Whether you’ve been following every release, or you’re new to the family and looking to find new favorites–or perhaps you’re just looking for an easy way to introduce someone else to what Rhymesayers Entertainment is all about–check out Plays, Strays & Stays: A Rhymesayers 2018 Recap.