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People Without Shoes - Optimistically Speaking [Album Artwork]

Born & raised in the Bronx, NYC, TempOpmet aka People Without Shoes is a product of his environment. With Hip-Hop running through his veins, his resume dates back to when he recorded his first two PWS demo tracks at the young age of 12 years-old. A few years later, now in his teenage years, the 15 year-old emcee came upon a chain of events, all which led to the introduction to producer Melvin Gibbs. And the hype began.

People Without Shoes released his debut single "Green Shoe Laces" in 1994, on cassette & vinyl formats, receiving heavy rotation on all the hot radio stations and praised by critics as a versatile emcee with unlimited flows, well crafted lyricism, complemented by a voice that alone would stop you dead in your tracks and keep you listening.

1995 came and the hype only grew. The demand for more music was met with 3 more well crafted singles/EP's released on Rage Records. Still a teenager, he now had a video on BET's "Rap City" accompanied by an interview with Joe Clair, featured in numerous publications such as Billboard, Word Up, Rap Pages, CMJ, Ego Trip, and a few praised singles under his belt. Next up, People Without Shoes was on tour promoting the upcoming album 'Thoughts Of An Optimist', an 11-track masterpiece produced in its entirety by Melvin Gibbs (named best bassist by Time Out).

Forks in the road along this journey were countered with optimism, a quality which TempOpmet values in life, and treated as life experiences to be learned from. As they say, all good things must come to an end. And tragically this was the case in 1996. One day, he was signed to Rage Records with an album dropping soon, the next it was gone, for reasons out of his control. While most would have given up, TempOpmet, in fact, prevailed. Nowadays, he is known to the world as Sadaday, emcee/CEO of 5*4*20 Records & Scurry Life DVD & co-founder of industry heavyweight online magazine WorldWrapFederation and the Scurry Life DJs movement proving that he's not just a artist but a savvy business mogul.

People Without Shoes - Optimistically Speaking [Album Tracklisting]

The name Sadaday was adopted, replacing TempOpmet, at a local dice game. Everytime he won, he would boast that 'Every Day Is Sadaday'. Basically, what was then intended as bragging rights, became the name he is known to the world as today.

People Without Shoes will always have a special place in his heart. For many years, he was unaware of the impact the album had on the Hip-Hop community. Key factor being that 'Thoughts Of An Optimist' meant so much to so many people, resulting in a cult following that has only grown over the years, and most importantly, the world wide web keeping his music alive. Fans have even made their own YouTube videos with songs from the album, causing a media frenzy on the internet which could be the reason as to why the album is highly sought after by collectors worldwide paying hundreds of dollars for the album for the fact it never being released for retail only in limited quantities for promo.

Due to years of experience and a high demand for People Without Shoes, Sadaday decided to relaunch 5*4*20 Records as a small independent label that specializes in providing authentic Hip-Hop. The industry has changed so much we miss the sound of that boom bap or that feeling after a dope verse. Scurry Life is here to cater the streets introducing new music & unreleased demos as well as rare classics in limited physical formats for the digging community.

5*4*20 Records is proud to present People Without Shoes' new album entitled 'Optimistically Speaking' double disc CD + DVD "The Opumentary" celebrating the 20-year anniversary of ('Thoughts Of An Optimist') the debut that was supposed to have been released in the Summer of 1996. Fast forward to 2016, 'Optimistically Speaking' the album is a collection of rare demos straight off of cassettes out of the shoe box to bring you this new classic. The songs were recorded before & after ('Thoughts Of An Optimist') you get to hear this lyrical massacre as TempOpmet devours each beat with an insatiable appetite of wordplay & delivery. The DVD is an in-depth look about his life starting off as a kid from the hood with a dream to make records to eventually becoming an icon on the underground Rap scene with legendary status. But not knowing the pitfalls of this machine called the music industry, you get the life of an artist destined to be great but forced with trials & tribulations. Get up close & personal with TempOpmet as you hear the best story never told of People Without Shoes featuring exclusive interviews from Nappy Red, Bathtubbs, 3 D.O.A., Ron Blakwards, & much more. No filters, raw uncut footage, take a tour thru the streets of the Bronx where Hip-Hop started. As we embark on this green road inspired by originality, the purest essence of Hip-Hop.