Stream Ones aka Slim Biggins’ (@OneSlimBiggins) ‘Pimpin’ Ain’t Dead 2: Pimp The System’ Album

Stream Ones aka Slim Biggins' (@OneSlimBiggins) 'Pimpin' Ain't Dead 2: Pimp The System' Album

Artist: Ones (aka Slim Biggins)

Album:Pimpin’ Ain’t Dead 2: Pimp The System

Label: Go Deep Entertainment/The Union: Local 718 LLC

Ones (also known as Slim Biggins), is a Hip Hop artist, lyricist, & writer from Brooklyn, New York. Ones is a founding member of the independent label Go Deep Entertainment/The Union: Local 718 LLC.

He has been releasing high quality music since 2009 exhibiting his lyrical versatility. From street conscious music to speaking on social issues, he always seems to finds a clever way to get his message across & isn’t afraid to keep it politically in-correct!!! Ones is known for his strong wordplay and his interchangeable flow & cadences.

Now 6 projects deep and his new album available to stream & cop below, entitled ‘Pimpin’ Ain’t Dead 2: Pimp The System‘, Ones is ready to educate the masses on this country’s continued systematic issues & submits his answer on how to conquer it… We must: “Pimp The System“!!!

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