Stream Nas' New Album 'NASIR' (@Nas)

Stream Nas' New Album 'NASIR' (@Nas)

A while back, Kanye West had mentioned that he was dropping a new album with Nas amidst all the controversy taking place at that time. Today, that announcement has become a reality as the new album will be titled 'NASIR' which you can peep the artwork & tracklisting for below...

Nas - NASIR [Album Artwork]

'NASIR' Tracklisting:

  1. Everything
  2. Bonjour
  3. Not For Radio
  4. Adam & Eve
  5. Simple Things
  6. Cops
  7. I Can Explain

Dropping later on tonight around 9 or 9:30pm EST in his Queensbridge stomping grounds, Nas' media house Mass Appeal will be providing a livestream for everybody's eyes & ears to take in. Lay back, relax, & enjoy!!!

**UPDATE** 'NASIR' is now available on the streaming service and digital retailer of your choice!!!