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MindsOne & DJ Iron - Phaseology [Album Artwork]

Life is a cruel joke...were you waiting for a punch line? MindsOne connects with Belgium's DJ Iron on their newest endeavor 'Phaseology' and aim to examine the bigger picture. Why are we here??? Where do we go in the end??? Is that an SP1200??? Damn right. Is life too complex to condense into 40 minutes??? Challenge accepted.

First, don't look at life as the sum of its events. Think about it as a series of phases. Next, combine MindsOne's handcrafted lyrical artistry with DJ Iron's jazz infused boom-bap. Combine two parts cynicism, one part mysticism, & add water. Then, sprinkle in a guest appearance by the sage John Robinson, throw in a heavy dose of turntablism from DJ Iron & MindsOne's DJ Noumenon & Slim Deluxe, and the theory is complete.

MindsOne & DJ Iron - Phaseology [Album Tracklisting]

'Phaseology' is the follow-up to MindsOne's 2014 critically acclaimed release, 'Pillars', produced by Kev Brown. Journey along as Tronic & KON Sci explore the phases of life and create scenes, both real & imagined, to give listeners a bird's-eye view. Relive childish fantasies and revisit irrational fears. Go to work and act like an adult. Ponder your existence and reflect on your life. Spoiler: It's all gonna end. But not today.

We're born alone, we die alone, etc. Talk to God if it's too complex.

'Phaseology' is now available worldwide via iTunes | Amazon | UGHH | Fat Beats | HHV | Vinyl-Digital on Ill Adrenaline Records w/distribution by Fat Beats & Foundation Media!!!