Stream MC²’s ‘Venus’ EP

Stream MC²’s ‘Venus’ EP

‘Venus’ is a dedication to love, women, & relationships. It’s also an opportunity to show love to the great artists that have inspired us over the years. With songs like “Low Key”, a tribute to Wu-Tang will be found in the very beginning.

‘Venus’ is narrated by spoken word poet and emcee, Kelli A. McGwent, also known as, Sacred Fantasy. Her poems are accompanied by Dazhir Walker on keys, adding a soulful aesthetic to each of the ground-breaking beats created by MKLMX.

The album features four powerhouse vocalists that include Esselle, Solis, Purple Lotus, and Fundamental Element.

You can get into MC²’sVenus’ EP below…

Stream MC²’s ‘Venus’ EP

About MC²:
Louis “LQ” Iverson and Keith ”Smeazy” Passmore, combine the experience, wisdom, and knowledge of everyday life with the mastery of Hip Hop & Soul music to form the essential sound of MC². Both prior military members, the duo got its start in Washington, DC. Now fully dedicated to the creation of music as well as other avenues of creativity and entertainment, both emcees reside in San Antonio, TX.

Before meeting each other in Washington, DC, the two emcees grew up in two vastly different cities. Smeazy from Raleigh, NC and LQ from Wichita, KS. They find music influences from artists and groups such as A Tribe Called Quest, Little Brother, BlackStar, Common, J Dilla, The Roots, and many more. A perfect blend of Mid-West Vibes and East Coast Jabs!

Alongside their 7-piece band, The S.O.U.L. (Sounds of Universal Love), they deliver rhythmic, and dynamic soundscapes of live Hip Hop & Soul music. The band’s diversity covers everything from traditional Boom Bap, to Neo-Soul, and even a bit of Trap.

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