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Malcolm Quest - Wherever You May Go, The Honey Is Sweet [Project Artwork]

“Ight first things first I like to thank Eli for his feature, he was fantastic. Probably too much because he stole the fucking show from me hahaha But nah all jokes aside he makes really smooth tunes that’s really underrate so check him out. Next I wanna thank Marty. He always been the homie and a dope artist so I appreciate the vibes he brought. I also like to thank Marie on her contributions. She did really great, especially on the 2nd track. Her songwriting was top notch and it really fit the vibe and theme I wanted. Next Devin was the one to mix this shit. He gave that bounce and old school ambient feel that I really needed, so I really appreciate him as well. Lastly I wanna thank Jai Supreme, the producer behind this. Yeah I come up with these ideas but he really is able to create them in ways I couldn’t. He goes through a lot in his life so for him to pull out dope shit every time is crazy to me. THis nigga has so much unreleased shit idk what to do with lol But nah hopefully me and him can continue to grow and evolve Treehouse Arcade and make more cool music. That’s it but look at my dumbass give thanks and shit like I won a award lol” –Malcolm Quest

Wherever You May Go, The Honey Is Sweet‘ Tracklisting:

  1. Honey Intro
  2. Honey is Sweet?
  3. Miss You featuring Marie Louise
  4. 10,000 Leaves featuring Eli Noir
  5. Dance Too This
  6. With You (Something Like a Ghost) featuring El Blue
  7. Arguing Interlude
  8. Back to the Forest
  9. Excuses featuring Marie Louise
  10. It’s Just a Story

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