Stream @MaddGifted's (@Pragmaddix & @GiftedMusik) New Project 'The Lemon EP'

Stream @MaddGifted's (@Pragmaddix & @GiftedMusik) New Project 'The Lemon EP' 1

It has been said that "Nothing has meaning except the meaning you give it." – you may understand this statement with ease after listening to 'The Lemon EP' by Charlotte-based collective MaddGifted Entertainment.

'The Lemon EP' features Artemis Diesel & Qwyk Cardino of Pragmaddix alongside Day Brown, FKA Denim, & Walter Boston, III of Gifted Musik. The EP also features instrumentation from Harrison Green (Guitar) & Paul Castanet (Bass), who produced "Gin & Lemonade", as well as production by D Artitz ("Lemon Drop").

MaddGifted - The Lemon EP [EP Tracklisting]

'The Lemon EP' is the first joint project by MaddGifted Entertainment, which consists of both Gifted Musik & Pragmaddix collectively. With only 2 tracks on the EP, MaddGifted has a clear & simple take on the "Gin & Juice" or "Gin & Lemonade" concept.

Most of us can trace all the way back to Snoop Dogg's West Coast vibes on "Gin & Juice" or even Wiz Khalifa's love of "Bombay & Lemonade". This same concept is now being presented from an East Coast perspective through the lenses of Prag & Gifted. From island/beach vibes to smooth sounding Hip-Hop, 'The Lemon EP' features two unique musical mixtures of gin, lemonade, and a cool refreshing summertime soundscape fit for any occasion.