Stream Kazi's (@Kazi_Ox) 'Demons' EP

Stream Kazi's (@Kazi_Ox) 'Demons' EP

Oxnard emcee Kazi is back again with a double single titled “Demons”. After working with artists like Madlib, Oh No, Peanut Butter Wolf, & Lootpack, Kazi earned his reputation back in the days. His debut album, 'The Plague', came out in 2004 and following up with Madlib-produced 'Blackmarket Seminar', recorded in 1996, which was released in 2014. Kazi is now working on his 3rd official album. With this new single, Kazi shows he has more music coming up this year.

The new single "Demons" includes 4 tracks consisting of the title track, "The Horror", & 2 remixes of each song.

As Kazi mentions:

"'Demons' is about the industry and fake friends for those, who this Hip-Hop is about pussy money and flashing lights."

Kazi is displaying a simplistic rhyme style so the wacky emcees can understand his lyrics. Guest appearances by Bobby Earth & Nicholas Ryan Gant, production by Kriswontwo (out of Denmark), and the remix by Child Theory, cuts by DJ Grazzhoppa.

"The Horror" is a track about exactly what the title says. Kazi is joined by guests C Keys & Dex where the 3 emcees brag & boast about horror. Produced by Pitch & Kazi with cuts by Belgian DJ Grazzhoppa. The remix is produced by Kriswontwo.

You can also cop the 'Demons' EP via iTunes | Amazon | Google Play | Bandcamp | Spotify | Tidal