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K73 Records - K73 Basement Stories [Album Artwork]

Album Title: 'K73 Basement Stories'
Artist Name: Various Artists (Funky DL, MIQ, Eramatics, Cruso & Mic Jamain, J-Live, BNC, AKD, Lobstarr, Raashan Ahmad, Spax, Sunspot Jonz, Uwe Kaa, Caramelo)
Label: K73 Records
Produced by K73

One idea, 2 creatives, 16 months, 18 emcee's, 20 tracks, 7 music videos, & 15 single covers. This sampler comes from the heart of Bavaria and features artists from the US & Europe in form of an art concept which is nearly unseen yet. The musical style is a tribute to the classic 90's Boom Bap Hip-Hop, mixed & arranged in a modern way. Also featuring musicians on the cello, bass, guitar, & saxophone, completed with a full analog mastering. All this is produced by K73, a 2-man production crew & label from Munich. The videos will be released step by step as well as a "ReMixTape" for the album and a little making of documentary. 'K73 Basement Stories' is set to be released on 9.9.2016!!!

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