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JSOUL - JSOUL Remixed It [Project Artwork]

As a kid born in 1980 and being privileged to witness Hip-Hop's rise from its start into the Golden Era & beyond, JSOUL wanted to pay homage by taking it back to a time where lyrics mattered and the beats were crafted to paint pictures with cinematic accuracy. In Hip-Hop, the beats made you fall in love with the artist just as much as the artist made you fall in love with the beats.

JSOUL tells HiPNOTT Records:

"When I first started producing music, I made up in my mind that I wanted to make music that gave me the same feeling I had when I first heard, 'Enter The Wu', 'ILLmatic', 'Ready To Die', 'Midnight Marauders', 'Reasonable Doubt', 'Doe Or Die', 'My Life', 'Do You Want More', 'Fantastic vol 2.', 'Like Water For Chocolate', 'The Score', 'Baduizm', etc. Those were the albums that were the soundtrack to my life when I was in high school growing into a man. That head nod, that feel good, that real."

On his new remix project, 'JSOUL Remixed It', JSOUL pays homage to that time and attempts to be a bridge from the music lovers of his generation to the future generation of Hip-Hop heads.

"I wanted cats from my era to hear these re imagined songs and fall in love with the songs all over again. Take them back with new beats and never lose the integrity of the song. I wanted to match each artists feel perfectly but with my own spin on it, while perhaps introducing the younger cats to the artist and songs that created the foundation for them to stand on." -JSOUL

As a bonus, HiPNOTT Records also made the instrumentals to the remix project available for purchase. Fans of JSOUL's original production will love vibin' to these instrumentals as they clearly stand up on their own.