Stream John Jigg$ x DJ Concept’s New EP ‘Good Friday’ (@JiggsTheGreat @Concept1200)

Stream John Jigg$ x DJ Concept's New EP 'Good Friday' (@JiggsTheGreat @Concept1200)

Long Island natives John Jigg$ & DJ Concept drop their first collaborative EP. Good Friday is an exercise in pure hip-hop. This album finds the duo at the top of their respective games. Jigg$ wordplay is top notch as he spits the truth on the opening track “If you play this loud enough you can hear Jesus, n!ggas frontin so I’m huntin like it’s deer season, for the rap fans ears I prepare thesis.” The opener also features some fire bars from fellow Long Islander SmooVth. As the album continues, Jigg$ make it clear from the jump “Paintin a motion picture with every scripture. John Jigg$ / Concept it’s a deadly mixture”. A truer statement was never made as he rips through the grimey banger. Next up, DJ Concept takes the mood from grimey to fly as the joint Savior Faire smooths things out a bit at the halfway point of the EP.

The albums title track is up next. Jigg$ makes his intentions known “Begging for trouble I could probably promise you more of it, work the hardest at targeting all my audience, try to make my way through the market so I can corner it, got that talk that they all be wanting I’m sure of it.” On the next joint, Concept’s soundscape once again takes a fly turn with The Whole Truth featuring Recognize Ali. The album then comes to a close with hard drums and hard rhymes. One King has Jigg$ spitting some real life bars over a filthy Concept track.

As a whole, the album is a perfect marriage of real hip hop rhymes & beats. It’s sure to be a classic to the true heads. Available now through all digital outlets via Crisis Center Collective.