Stream Jamo Gang's (@RasKass @ElGant @J57) Self-Titled EP

Jamo Gang - Jamo Gang [EP Artwork]

Jamo Gang started out as Ras Kass & El Gant writing and recording songs on the spot to new J57 beats at his Brooklyn studio in October of 2015. Their incredible chemistry quickly turned into a side-group for fun, which then turned into a serious group that lead to the three teaming up to create more than an album's worth of music by early 2016, with a push from DJ Premier to do so.

Jamo Gang spent majority of 2016 & 2017 fine-combing their songs with J57 adding post production; as the three brought in a few hand-selected guest appearances for their debut, self-titled EP which is available now to stream & cop below.

Jamo Gang’s sound is of a signature New York knit, but they’re far from a boxed-in throwback. There’s a 90s sound at work here, but they’re not chained to it; J57’s soundscapes are anything but antiquated. His drums crush souls while Ras and Gant’s raw lullabies send them careening into the concrete.

Jamo Gang on January 30, 2018 [Photo Credit: Photo Rob]

Jamo Gang’ Tracklisting:

  1. This Is Jamo Gang
  2. Go Away
  3. Straight No Chase
  4. Here We Go Again featuring Big Twins
  5. All Eyes On Us featuring DeeJay Element
  6. Welcome To The Golden Era
  7. Jamo Gang featuring Shabaam Sahdeeq
  8. The Altar featuring Snak The Ripper

***All Tracks Produced by J57