Stream Jah-Monte's 'God Body & Soul (I Mastered Self II)' Album

Stream Jah-Monte's 'God Body & Soul (I Mastered Self II)' Album

Following up the rich, soulful Jewelry Rap and the gritty, mafioso Alkaline Water, Jah-Monte's third record of the year God Body & Soul (I Mastered Self II) is a piece composed by a litany of producers (including recent collaborators like Killer Kane and Krow) and of course Jah-Monte's dense, storytelling raps.

This diverse sound remains unified by general themes: echoing piano chords, tough yet playful drums and sombre jazzy moments.

Jah-Monte's verses are like pure gold dust, sweeping over each beat and leaving nothing but lyrical magic in his wake.

With a concise tracklist, elite performances on each and every song, and most vitally an incredible ear for atmosphere, this is yet another stunning addition to the best rapper in Charlotte's catalogue.

Paying homage to the greats while also demanding his respect, the MC once again refused to take his foot off the game's neck with this one.