Stream Ignite Mindz’s ‘Skyrocketing’ Album

Stream Ignite Mindz’s ‘Skyrocketing’ Album

Skyrocketing’ is the new full-length album from Ignite Mindz.

The songs range from dusty crate digging lo-fi boom bap, to giant synth smorgasbords, to love songs, concept songs about the sky, and even a song about the birth of their son.

All while sounding cohesive.

Ignite’s brand is lush instrumentation on hard drums, with technical wordplay and poetry that flows both smooth and melodically.

Four years in the making it is fully produced by Ignite using Logic Pro, bass guitar, guitar, and the Roland Fantom keyboard workstation.

It features Ignite’s classically trained wife Kayla Marie on half of the songs, as well as appearances from longtime collaborators Seven Da Pantha and Mike L!ve.

The album was mastered by Grammy nominated Ian Schreier, who is actually Ignite’s old boss when he interned for him.

It was mixed by Ian and David Roland.

David recorded all of the songs at Roland Pro Sound through the Neumann U87 and a giant old school ribbon mic that you’d expect to see in front of Frank Sinatra.