Stream @FabianSecon's 'Don't Disturb' EP

Fabian Secon - Don't Disturb [EP Artwork]

British singer-songwriter Fabian Secon has released his debut EP, entitled 'Don't Disturb', available now as a free download below.

The 5-track EP is glued together by Fabian's hypnotic vocal quality & tone, putting the listener in a 'Don't Disturb' zone. A deep focus and chill progressive R&B feel, with production courtesy of Nyge, BeatBoss, Lucas Secon, & Fabian himself.

From the opening oriental sample-meets trap "Sensei", where Fabian describes his female "Sensei", a mix of spiritual & sexual, to the previously-released "Resuscitate", to the dark guitar sample trap vibe on "Hurricane No. 4", where he describes the 4th argument of the night between a couple, Fabian has succeeded in putting together a harmonious piece of work, with progressive & familiar elements riding together on Fabian's unique vocal & melody wave. There is also the previously released Kevin Clarke-assisted "Looking For The Old Me", leading into the EP's final track, the BeatBoss-produced "All Glowin", with a piano led super chill vibe.

'Don't Disturb' EP sets up his next wave, as Fabian is currently in Toronto already working on follow-up EP's with the likes of Wondagurl,‎ 5ive, ill-e, CVRE, & many others, makin' waves in the 6!!!