Stream Dr Lekta & Elliott Niezel’s ‘Species’ Collabo Album

Stream Dr Lekta & Elliott Niezel's 'Species' Collabo Album

Today, The DigiSpot brings to you Elliott Niezel and Dr. Lekta’s new joint album titled “Species”

This is album is hip hop at its finest. Great production, great bars. UK and the US join together to discover a whole new Species.

Stream Dr Lekta & Elliott Niezel's 'Species' Collabo Album

noun: species; plural noun: species; noun: sp.; plural noun: spp.
a group subordinate to a genus and containing individuals agreeing in some common attributes and called by a common name.

Mixed and mastered by Bugz
Features guest appearance from KOTC and production from Juno, Krang, Chuco Almada, Greendoor, Jeanty, Bugz, & Ill Majestic.

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