Stream DotMob's (@MurdaMookez @yHateTRex @RealDealDutch) New Mixtape 'Fuxk The Politics'
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Stream DotMob’s (@MurdaMookez @yHateTRex @RealDealDutch) New Mixtape ‘Fuxk The Politics’

Murda Mook, T-Rex, & Dutch Brown (of DotMob) have come together in a formidable way over classic Hip-Hop tracks on their new mixtape ‘Fuxk The Politics‘, which is hosted by DJ Whoo Kid. This project also features verses from Cooley Cash, Chayna Ashley, Dan Barz, Brillo Henny Hustle, Pop $hit, & Great One.

Fuxk The Politics‘ Tracklisting:

  1. Where Is Whoo Kid? (Intro)
  2. Fuxk The Politics
  3. Neva Told On Nobody
  4. Benihana featuring Cooley Cash
  5. Foster Kids
  6. D.O.T. Ain’t Nothing To Fuxk Wit (Mob Meeting) featuring Chayna Ashley, Dan Barz, Henny Hustle, Pop $hit, & Great One
  7. Mourning Homicide
  8. F.U.N. (Fuxkin Unbelievable Night) featuring Cooley Cash
  9. Mob Ties (Necks, Hands, & Feet) featuring Brillo
  10. Get The Fuxk Away From Us featuring Chayna Ashley & Dan Barz

Stream & download ‘Fuxk The Politics‘ via AudioMack:

Stream & download ‘Fuxk The Politics‘ via

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