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DJ Concept - Flight Patterns 2 [Beat Tape Artwork]

To say DJ Concept has been putting in work since the 2012 release of 'Flight Patterns' would be an understatement. From collaborations with the likes of Rome Clientel & Planet Asia to a series of solo projects, the Long Island-repping producer/deejay has been grinding non-stop. And that hustle continues with 'Flight Patterns 2', a collection of sample-flipping slappers with a few choice features.

As Concept tells it, the creation of the second 'Flight Patterns' occurred similarly to the first one, because (as he implies in the title) he created the project during a flight from JFK to PHX. The thing is, it almost didn't even happen. "TSA made me miss my flight and made me late for my meeting so I was tight," he recalls, adding that he was so pissed by the time he got to PHX that he didn't listen to the music for months. When he did, though? "I was like, 'Damn, these tracks are ill,'" he says, so he sequenced the album and hit up some guests.

Those guests include fellow Long Islander John Jigg$ on the aptly titled "So Effortless"; his Dirt Disciples partner-in-rhyme Rome Clientel & singer B. Marshall on standout "The Looking Glass"; and Boston stalwart REKS on the equally smooth & off-kilter "Peep The Essence". The remainder of the project is completely instrumental, however, there are some snippets of speeches peppered throughout to help tie the whole album together.

Beyond Concept's sample flips & finely curated guest list, 'Flight Patterns 2' succeeds because of its sequencing and cohesion. You really get the feeling that he's having fun here, which coincides with his own thoughts on his career at this point.

"I'm in a good place in life so it flows easy," he says of making music now. "I don't really care about what people think cause I know I make classics. That's how I think about my creativity." He then adds that all he wants to do is make music. Sure, there are some emcees he'd like to work with, "but I just hope I make tracks that people bump forever." It's safe to say he shouldn't have a problem accomplishing that given the material on 'Flight Patterns 2', which is just as timeless as it is a complete blast to listen to.

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