D.A. The Future - 18 North [EP Artwork]
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Stream @DATheFuture’s Debut EP ’18 North’

D.A. The Future introduces himself with a new free EP

“As a Youngin coming up in Amityville, rapping is like a right of passage. For me it was a gateway to my soul. I was always a very intuitive & poetic kid but when those traits evolved in to skills it happened through rap. It all began at 18 N Emerald lane, where I grew up in Amityville, Long Island Ny. This is the birth place of my journey through hip hop. As a project 18 N is a melodic yet lyrical testament to what I’ve seen as well as have been through coming from 18 N Emerald La. Thank you for taking the time to take a look & listen in to my everyday struggles & triumphs. Again I Thank you for your time, Enjoy” –Derek D.A. Anthony