Stream Cryptic One's (@Cryp_Uno) 'The World According To…' EP

Cryptic One - The World According To... [EP Artwork]

"Over the course of a few months in 2016 I challenged myself to write and record a verse over a self produced beat every week. This EP was the result of that challenge. Some of them became full songs, some stayed a single verse, but they were done regularly and reflected how I felt that day about the world. I cover topics from police brutality (inspired by the news, obviously), Trump, gun control, being an old curmudgeon that hates on kids and their music, the state of Hip-Hop, "slut shaming", etc.

I'm planning to do these kinds of releases regularly in between my other "larger" releases, as a way to get more music to you guys more frequently. I hope you enjoy it and please share if you do!" –Cryptic One