Stream C.Shreve The Professor’s (@SeeShreve) ‘Mommy Love To Dance’ EP

C.Shreve The Professor - Mommy Love To Dance [EP Artwork]

Regarding the ‘Mommy Love To Dance‘ project, C.Shreve The Professor said:

“I’ve done enough shows to know what makes it all work. Without the folks that come up front and dance, a live show just doesn’t work. ‘Mommy Love To Dance’ is a reflection of me trying to figure out what people would most want to dance to. It led to me choosing some beats that I might not have otherwise.”

C.Shreve The Professor - Mommy Love To Dance [EP Tracklisting]

The 7-track project is not a traditional dance album by any means, but it certainly takes a different approach than the Professor has in past projects. This project will be followed quickly by Shreve’s next project ‘Daddy Love To Rap‘ which finds him creating an album based purely on choosing the beats that he wanted to rap on, and then doing just that. ‘DLTR‘ will be released in October.

C.Shreve The Professor on August 29, 2017 [Press Photo]

C.Shreve & Free The Optimus were featured in a recent documentary for Complex’sAmerican Down Low” web series. It’s very well done & gives a good taste of the NC underground scene in Asheville & Boone: episode “Underground Hip Hop Cyphers

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C.Shreve The Professor - The Vibe [Track Artwork]

Also available is the 2nd single off the project, titled “The Vibe“, which you can give a listen below…

Be on the lookout for the music video for “The Vibe” – COMING SOON!!!