Stream C.G.’s ‘The Certified Genius’ Album

Stream C.G.’s ‘The Certified Genius’ Album

I’m proud of this album because it’s quality hip-hop music made without the need to chase trends, and it stands in line with my own morals and values as a human.”—C.G. on his new project, ‘The Certified Genius

A decade removed from releasing his debut project, New Jersey producer C.G. confidently displays his growth and ever-expanding skill set on his latest effort, ‘The Certified Genius‘. It also serves as a mini-treasure trove of content for listeners who get to hear not just seven brand new tracks, but instrumentals for them all as well (sans the opening “Intro” cut). Whether C.G. is a new name to you or you’ve seen him kicking around the scene, consider this your introduction.

What makes ‘The Certified Genius‘ so immediately satisfying is its diverse sonic palette. While his approach is certainly anchored by hip-hop, C.G. freely explores a variety of sounds on here. There’s a subtle hint of R&B on “Transition,” a thoughtful meditation on life featuring longtime collaborator Elus and singer B.Ankah. Then, C.G. heads to the gutter with two of the underground’s most recognizable voices, Guilty Simpson and Rockness Monsta, for “Angels” (which later gets flipped into a soulful remix).

Stream C.G.’s ‘The Certified Genius’ Album

From there, the producer flirts with rock guitars (“Destruction” featuring Dikulz & Twisted Insane), makes nods toward the trap (“Higher” featuring Niamson & Ca$his), and embraces boom-bap (“Never Sold Dope” featuring Ren Thomas & Bizarre). While those sounds are clearly varied, they’re all firmly rooted in C.G.’s favorite genre. And despite his lifelong love of all things hip-hop, his approach shape-shifts due to his fondness for all kinds of music.

I draw a lot of inspiration from whatever I’m listening to at the time. It could be anything from Johnny Cash to Tupac to Eminem to Nirvana or a film score,” C.G. says. “It all depends on what kind of mood I’m in.”

With inspiration from the greats, a clear love for his craft, and complete ownership of his art, C.G. is excited for people to hear his latest work. ‘The Certified Genius’ is available now through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms through his C.G. Productionz imprint. T-shirts and hoodies of the album cover can be purchased in various colors through C.G.’s Bandcamp page as well as his online store.

‘The Certified Genius’ Tracklisting:

  1. Intro
  2. Transition featuring Elus & B.Ankha
  3. Angels featuring Guilty Simpson & Rockness Monsta
  4. Destruction featuring Dikulz & Twisted Insane
  5. Never Sold Dope featuring Ren Thomas & Bizarre
  6. Higher featuring Niamson & Ca$his
  7. Angels Remix
  8. Transition (Instrumental)
  9. Angels (Instrumental)
  10. Destruction (Instrumental)
  11. Never Sold Dope (Instrumental)
  12. Higher (Instrumental)
  13. Angels Remix (Instrumental)

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