Stream Breeze Brewin’s Debut Solo Album ‘Hindsight’

Stream Breeze Brewin’s Debut Solo Album 'Hindsight'

Breeze Brewin’s history in hip-hop runs as deep as his incredible skill set. There are levels upon levels to his talents, whether he’s penning mind-bending lyrics or crafting head-nodding instrumentals. And over the past 25 years, he’s proven his skills as a member of the Juggaknots and the Indelible MC’s, and as a collaborator on classics including Prince Paul’s ‘A Prince Among Thieves‘. And with the release of ‘Hindsight’, the NYC artist steps out on his own with a thrilling solo album packed with highlights that show off just how gifted he truly is.

The creation of these songs was often my therapy, and it starts with ‘Gotta Love It,’” Breeze says of writing and recording the album. “For a time, I either couldn’t or just didn’t love it. It was that moment, in a studio with producer Sebb Bash, that I thought: fuck it, I’m gonna do this shit.”

‘Hindsight’ captures the magic of what happens when an artist sticks with what they love and shares it with the rest of the world. The 13 tracks epitomize why Breeze has been such an essential voice since he entered the scene. He delivers tack-sharp criticisms of former president Donald Trump (“Devil’s Advocate”) and the music industry (“The Application”), talks his shit like only he can do (“Translate It”), and gets deeply personal about friendships (“The Uninvited”) and being a teacher as a person of color (“Taking Notes”). And then there’s a track like “King Oxymoron” that is simply a whirlwind of wordplay.

Stream Breeze Brewin’s Debut Solo Album 'Hindsight'

With this record, Breeze is proving to himself that he can confidently, and ably, work on his own, which was a major sea change for someone who for years collaborated closely with others. “I was at times scared to proceed alone, especially considering the greatness of those I had worked with,” he says. “But it worked out. It’s OK to work with others, and it’s damn sure OK to shut the world out and work with and on yourself.”

It’s with those words—and the music itself—that ‘Hindsight’ feels like a celebration, not just of a long-awaited solo debut, but of great hip-hop in general. The album is available now through all digital retailers and streaming platforms through Breeze’s own Matic Records imprint via Fat Beats Records with CD and vinyl copies of the LP due out for pre-order shortly.

Hindsight‘ Tracklisting:

  1. Gotta Love It [Produced by Sebb Bash]
  2. The Uninvited [Produced by Black Milk]
  3. Road Rage [Produced by Sebb Bash]
  4. Bumpy Johnson [Produced by Breeze Brewin]
  5. PPT [Produced by Breeze Brewin & Kev Fevr]
  6. Taking Notes [Produced by Parallel Thought]
  7. Keep It Up [Produced by DJ Maseo]
  8. Translate It [Produced by B-Money]
  9. King Oxymoron [Produced by Marco Polo]
  10. Mentore [Produced by DJ Spinna]
  11. The Application [Produced by Breeze Brewin]
  12. Eye Poppa [Produced by Megalo]
  13. Devil’s Advocate [Produced by Breeze Brewin]


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