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Blak Madeen - Supreme Aftermath [Album Artwork]

Boston's own Blak Madeen deliver an incredibly potent and relevant new album, 'Supreme Aftermath', that deftly tackles Islamophobia, media-fueled hatred, & other issues facing our society.

Group member's Yusuf Abdul-Mateen & Al-J both drive that point home in making it clear that their message on this album is simple: "Think for yourself; don't let the media or the politicians tell you how to view the world," says Yusuf. While Al-J, agrees: "We are not preaching or trying to tell you what to do. You have to gravitate to our message--it's magnetic."

That sentiment is felt immediately on the opening title track, an already-powerful message made that much more poignant through the use of Malcolm X quotes. His voice serves as a guiding light for the duo, two proud Muslim men who use the remaining 13 songs to spread love, dish out sharp criticisms of the media, & spit straight verbal darts.

The album boasts features from the likes of The Gift Of Gab, Planet Asia, & Blacastan, who provide compelling guest appearances on "Long Way To Go", "Guerrilla Soldiers", & "Mic Divine", respectively. And it's not just the fact that these guests leave a mark on the album with their skills; they're clearly well-thought out choices who complement their like-minded rap brethren. Al-J & Yusuf prove their just as capable on their own, though, especially on cuts like the aptly titled "Energetic Darts", as well as the thoughtful album-closer, "Where's Justice?".

With 'Supreme Aftermath', Blak Madeen add another impressive project to their already-solid catalogue, while cementing Boston's placement on the Hip-Hop map. "I think 'Supreme Aftermath' is our best work yet, production-wise. It's soulful music with a good message," Al-J says, while Yusuf notes that they knew exactly what they wanted to do both lyrically & musically. The latter received a boost from a top-notch production lineup, comprised of The Arcitype, Sicknature (of Snowgoons), & Teddy Roxpin, among others.

Beyond all that, the two just want people to enjoy this album for what it is: "This is Hip-Hop, first & foremost," Yusuf says. "One doesn't need to be a Muslim or a Five Percenter or whatever to feel it. Music is universal."

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