Stream BlaccOut Garrison's (@ItsABlaccOut) 'Cranberry Applejuice' EP

Stream BlaccOut Garrison's (@ItsABlaccOut) 'Cranberry Applejuice' EP 1

Hailing from Brooklyn Park, MN, OK-Tho favorite BlaccOut Garrison has returned with his sophomore EP, 'Cranberry Applejuice'. Coming off of 'Hungry Soulful' five months ago, a few loose records in between, the Minnesota artist strikes back with a whole new vibe focused on "balance".

The 5-track EP contains features from Tallulah, Louisiana's own Tone & Florida's own Mike SB with various producers including DJ Grumble. Migrating away a bit from his soulful approach, BlaccOut (Balance Life And Continue Climbing OUT) moves towards a more raw & reflective vibe, telling everyday life stories throughout.

BlaccOut Garrison - Cranberry Applejuice [EP Tracklisting]

Artwork Bio:
In the past, we've always seen how creative BlaccOut can be with his artwork, and the cover for 'Cranberry Applejuice' is no different. Starting with world matters, in the past couple of years we've seen many occurrences from racism to police brutality to strictly targeting African-Americans.

BlaccOut represents the struggles with protesters holding signs with "Black Lives Matter". Digging deeper into individual life, Garrison wanted to show that everyone goes through triumphs & struggles, which in general could be considered as "bittersweet".

The theme that is represented in the music is what is behind the bitter/tart cranberry + sweeter applejuice combination. The cranberries also represent the love that is in all of us while the woman & snake represent temptation always being present.