Stream Ben Boogz' (Of @2HungryBros) New Beat Tape 'I Moreno'

Ben Boogz (of 2 Hungry Bros) - I Moreno [Beat Tape Artwork]

"OUR CHILDREN ARE WATCHING US". While this sounds like a warning, it is merely a preface to 'I Moreno'. Young Boogz always studied his father, the Vietnam Veteran, play guitar and sing on the couch while a Charles Bronson movie would play on the television. Ben wondered why his hero never got around to compiling such talent onto an album. While life catches up to some, the inspired Ben Boogz honors his hero with the instrumental album 'I Moreno'. The title resonates with adventurous science fiction and emphasizes Afro-Latino pride & African Identity while also paying homage to his dad's name Israel Moreno.

Ben Boogz (of 2 Hungry Bros) - I Moreno (Cassette Format) [Beat Tape Artwork]

Ben Boogz (of the 2 Hungry Bros) can be described as the Soul of the Duo & Deep is the Spirit. What does that mean??? Deep is known for being driven & possessed while Ben is laid back & calm. It also pertains to their sound. Fans of comics, adventure, & sci-fi, Ben follows up with his first action-packed installment after Deep's 'Instrumental Trilogy' with his own to establish his soulful sound & also leave a legacy. The two worked independently yet their concepts connect, rooted in fatherhood. Deep being a father celebrated his son, now Ben Boogz (also a dad) celebrates his father with jazzy horns, funky breaks, vibrant strings, strange sounds, wild cuts, & more with 'I Moreno'. This amazing Hip-Hop album was mastered by Willie Green. It also features live electric guitar by Scott Greenberg, sax by Bryan Beninghove, keys by David Stolarz, & cuts by DJ M Tri, as well as I. Moreno on commentary.

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