Stream The @Awkword-Curated Mixtape ‘The Best Of Whatzisface’

Stream The @Awkword-Curated Mixtape 'The Best Of Whatzisface'

Just ask Mano: before there was Action Bronson, there was Whatzisface, at least outside of Queens. “Me and Nigel Holt always said how nice [he] was as a rapper but his culinary skills took him to the next level,” the former Kanye tour DJ instagrammed the other day.

Yes, the rapper-chef now going by his government, Brian Halladay, was once the best emcee I’d ever heard, but today he represents even more: what it really means to be a man. #WeHateYouFace!

In this exclusive interview, I talk to the Professional Dirtbag-turned-number-one dad about choosing the knife over the mic; why we have yet to see his masterful plates on Top Chef or Chopped; touring with The Cool Kids, recording with Harry Fraud, and causing ‘a riot’ with Lil B; what he misses most about music, and much more.

For the Face fans who’ve been feigning, HipHopGame has premiered the Best of Whatzisface mixtape — a 25-track collection I curated featuring favorite, new and unreleased records, which immediately soared to number-six on Audiomack’s trending Hip Hop list. And for those who aren’t in on the food porn phenomenon, I’ve got your introduction and the only source you’ll ever need. Brian plates his dishes like he delivered his punchlines: with impeccable technique and colorful creativity. Plate Game Proper.” –Awkword