Stream Alex Aff's 'Ataraxia' Album

Stream Alex Aff's 'Ataraxia' Album

"Good morning humans. It's Thursday and I hope the week is going well. I wanna share my new album.

A project that i've been working on for the last 5-6 months has finally made it's way to the surface, and is available on every streaming platform.

It's called 'Ataraxia.' I've been studying ancient philosophy (because I'm weird) for the last 2 years and this concept/idea was derived from that. It translates to 'a state of serene calmness.' Pretty much it means freedom from any emotional turbulence. Freedom from anxiety: only peace. I believe that's the goal for...everyone. i think.

The album dropped 2 days ago and it's gotten a great response so far, i believe it's my best work to date. Excited to share it, and keep growing & progressing! Hope you enjoy.

Thank you for the support, I appreciate it. Imma keep hustling, imma see you around." -The Homie Alex Aff

Stream Alex Aff's 'Ataraxia' Album

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