Stream @_iLLustrious_' (@MusicByMeRCY @KoJazz @Just_Bishop @seefrvncis @Solidified_) 'It Was Summer' Project

iLLustrious Music Group - It Was Summer [Project Artwork]

MeRCY, see.francis, Bishop, KoJazz, & in-house producer Solidified unite for this family function. With their solo careers firmly established, the iLLustrious members reassembled to release the highly anticipated project, 'It Was Summer'. Collectively, they have released a slew of records. However, the project's official single, "Talk About", was to recapture the essence of it all.

iLLustrious Music Group - It Was Summer [Project Tracklisting]

The sound of the album built significantly on the previous records, with Solidified using more keyboards & string samples, as well as, along with outside production from ill Tal, E. Mishene, & Latrell James to provide a different soundscape. Whether MeRCY baring his vulnerable side on "I'll Be Sure", KoJazz talking that talk on "Talk About", Bishop cruising on "50 Shades Of Green", or see.francis harmonizing on "Shots", iLLustrious is in top form here, sounding both relaxed & hungrier than ever. All Summer '16s & hooks for your enjoyment below…