Stalley “Bakery” (Audio)

Stalley "Bakery" (Audio)

Stalley chefs up new single “Bakery”.

Today, Ohio’s Blue Collar Gang lyricist and ferocious emcee Stalley shares his newest track “Bakery”, produced by B.A.M.

“Bakery”, marks the third single from the forthcoming album, ‘Somebody Up There Loves Me’, to release on Mello Music Group, December 6, 2022.

Stalley summons trunk-rattlingly soulful vibes on an impeccable beat with “Bakery” that feels warm and nostalgic, a masterclass in rapping that lends itself to his immutable parables of game, artfully shifting to a conversational spill.

You know all my struggles, you know where I come from, whatever it comes with, just know that I won’t run / I’m battling demons like I’ve been stuck in the dungeon / You only get one bullet in me, I’m the top gun / Now ain’t no stoppin’ till the feds come knockin’ get the bread turn this bitch into a bakery

Stalley "Bakery" (Audio)

As the bearded and wavy one describes himself: “I’m somewhere between Gilbert Arenas and Gil-Scott.”

A poet with a penchant for revolution, a fearless pacifist always ready for war, but hopeful the conscription will never come.

To understand Stalley’s achievements is to recognize his creative evolution.

He has refined a natural musical fluidity and developed a sense of comfort in who he is. Inspired by the movie based on the life of boxing legend Rocky Graziano — Stalley proves he’s one of the greatest Hip-Hop champions with the release of ‘Somebody Up There Loves Me’.

Stalley’s ‘Somebody Up There Loves Me’ album is available now to pre-order and pre-save on all major DSPs