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For The People - Cover Artwork

South Carolina bred Hip Hop lyricist Spectac returns after a long three year hiatus with 'For The People', an album of all new material produced by DJ Shakim.

Long-time Spectac fans can look forward to a more aggressive Spectac as he tackles recent issues surrounding politics, relationships, and other relevant subject matter. Production-wise, 'For The People' is producer Shakim's first official effort... though it would be hard to tell as the veteran deejay has a keen ear for soulful samples and displays impeccable drum work.

In celebration of today's album release, we are giving fans a free download of the title track "For The People!", which is a much softer side of Spectac & Shakim than the album's first single "Moment of Truth".

The entire album is available now for download on iTunes, DJ Booth, and anywhere else digital music is sold. Physical CDs can be purchased at UGHH. -HiPNOTT Records