Soup Of Jurassic 5 (@Jurassic5Soup) Announces Debut Solo EP ‘Still In Fullee Love’

Soup (of Jurassic 5) [Press Photo]

As one-sixth of veteran West Cost Rap group Jurassic 5, Soup announces his debut solo EP ‘Still In Fullee Love‘ in his own words which you can give a read below…

“What’s up y’all? It’s SOUP from Jurassic 5.

For those that don’t know me I go by a few names. Some call me Zaakir, some call me Fullee Love… But most know me simply as SOUP, one of the founding members of the hip-hop group Jurassic 5.

Now if it’s okay with you, I’ll give y’all a quick run-down on how I got here and why I’m sending you this email. I got my start as an intern at Immortal Records, working the likes of Funkdoobiest, Volume 10 and Cypress Hill in the early 90’s. From there I transitioned to Loud Records, where I worked with The Liks, Madkap, Tongue Twista (before he dropped the 👅). Then I personally help Mobb Deep get signed to the label, and last but not least, I worked with Wu Tang Clan! (I’m showing my age. 😬)

Next stop was Interscope Records and then the infamous Death Row years – yes.. I’ve seen things (shhhh) don’t ask! Then came the birth Jurassic 5 – which is the reason you know of me (and the reason I got fired from Interscope – that’s the short version.)

Which leads us here. I’m finally launching my solo project. It started as something of a “prove to myself” project for me, a branch out from “stop worrying what folks may think and just do what makes me feel good.” So, I am happy to announce my first offering, ‘Still In Fullee Love’.

It’s a 5 song EP and a 10-song deluxe version featuring 4 dance remixes – both dropping on February 24th – where you’ll get to see multiple sides of me.

Make sure you mark your calendars, cuz this is just the start, so keep the mind open and the vibe tight and get ready for the ‘Still In Fullee Love’ moment!” –Soup