SoundCloud Could Be Bought Out By Google + Sony & Universal's Stakes Are Revealed

R.I.P. SoundCloud 2007-2016 [Logo Artwork]

If SoundCloud does sell to Google, it could be the beginning of a major shake-up in music streaming land in 2017.

As previously covered, Pandora is looking odds-on to get swallowed up by Sirius XM in the coming months.

A tell-tale sign: investment fund UBS Asset Management raised its ownership stake in Pandora by 7.1% in Q3 2016 to 195,983 shares – currently worth $2.5m – a new SEC filing has revealed.

That came after BlackRock Advisors LLC increased its position in Pandora by 1.9% in the second quarter.

BlackRock now owns 1,014,741 shares of Pandora stock – currently valued at $12.85m – after buying an additional 19,044 shares during Q2 2016.

SoundCloud and Pandora to sell, while Spotify finally launches towards an IPO?

Another busy year ahead, folks…