SoundCloud Could Be Bought Out By Google + Sony & Universal's Stakes Are Revealed

R.I.P. SoundCloud 2007-2016 [Logo Artwork]

If a sale to Google happens, all three major labels will get a windfall.

MBW has dug through SoundCloud’s latest financial filing and can confirm Universal, Sony and Warner all own stakes in the business.

A Confirmation Statement filed at the UK’s Companies House on December 21 reveals that SoundCloud Ltd is comprised of 4,676,273 shares – 355,351 of which are categorized as ‘Ordinary Class A’.

Music business interest is led by Universal Music Leisure Ltd, which owns 191,472 Ordinary Class A shares, plus 2 Series D shares.

Sony Music Entertainment owns slightly fewer shares, controlling 134,056 Ordinary Class A shares, plus 2 Series D shares.

Warner Music Inc, meanwhile, owns just 29,823 Ordinary Class A shares.

However, WMG – the first major music company to license SoundCloud back in 2014 – also owns 32,755 Series D shares.