Sofija “We Do” (Audio)

Sofija “We Do” (Audio)

Sofija releases sultry single “We Do”.

Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist Sofija unveils her new alluring track, “We Do”.

It is her first single of 2022, following her tracks “Right Next To You” and “Stay A Little Longer” released last year.

“We Do” is a beat-filled ballad that takes the listener to a place of adoration and desire for a lover.

With its captivating melodies and intimately passionate lyrics, “We Do” illustrates an entrancing profession of love, as well as the heartfelt intention to create a long-lasting connection.

Sofija “We Do” (Audio)

Interested in how “We Do” came together, we at The DigiSpot had a Q&A with Sofija to get more insight on the track.

VannDigital: What’s good?

Sofija: I’m doing well DV! Just happy to have this new single out and I hope everyone loves it!

How did the “We Do” track come about?

I wrote this song a little over a year ago, and my producer who made the song with me has been a fan of it for so long. He’s been wanting me to get it out there so I decided it was definitely time. I wrote the song about feelings in a relationship that had reached a deeper level. It’s about wanting to stay in a state of bliss with your person.

Will “We Do” appear on any upcoming projects?

“We Do” is a standalone single!

When can the people see a visual for “We Do”?

The music video for “We Do” has been filmed and will be coming out very soon!