So Now We’re White Supremacists That Turn Black People Against Black Leaders

Umar Johnson back in March 14, 2015 [Press Photo]

At this point in my life on Planet Earth, I’d like to believe that I’ve seen it all, done it all, & heard it all. But thank God that isn’t the case because no matter how many times I’ve mentioned all (or one) of those statements, there’s always something that comes across my way that gives me that “wow” moment.

With all that said, we found out earlier today that we’re a white supremacist organization that has the tendency to turn all Black people against so-called Black leaders. We’re going to be the second coming of Adolf Hitler & the Nazi Regime before it’s all over with, at the rate we’re going.

It all started when anti-Umar Johnson Facebook page, Umar Johnson is a FRAUD, gave light to an article that we wrote about 2 weeks back in the form of a Facebook post. The feedback from that Facebook post that came afterwards was… well you can get a good idea below…

First off, shoutouts to the Umar Johnson is a FRAUD fan page for sharing our article!!! That spotlight on our article is one of many contributions that said page has done for years to expose the fuckery that is Umar Johnson. We’ve since taken the time out to read some of this feedback for ourselves and while doing so, there was one particular response that stood out and you can give it a read for yourself–if you dare LOL–below…

“That is a complicated situation because every single time someone black that does go out of their way to speak up especially things that the white supremacist does not really want everyone knowing and he is even willing to go up against his own to speak up for his own they do have a great Tennessee of using black people to help them destroy their reputations after dr. King died they said he was cheating on his black wife with a white woman after Malcolm X died they was Malcolm X of participating and homosexual activity and labeled all black Muslims as terrorists when Michael Jackson became part owner of Sony overnight they slander his name and turned his own people against him what I am trying to say is every person that does something for the people they have ways of trying to make the people believe that with this person is doing is getting over on them to turn the people against them I am aware of what he is trying to do personally I feel that we as people have gotten used to getting something from our own enemies and all the money that is being spent that he is using for fundraisers I believe it’s going to take a hell of a lot more time and more money to actually successfully make what he is trying to make let alone black people getting their own educational system back that the white people took already and I think for us we think it’s too long so we’re used to our own people taken from us so whenever something seems to be happening too long and we’re spending money it does hit us in a certain way let alone other black people that are at a higher class than us will actually go out and accuse people of things as well I believe will Umar Johnson is trying to do they the white supremacist are doing nothing more than trying everything in their power to tear him down and prevent him from doing that by any means necessary and their biggest weapon where the we like it or not it’s us they always use the black middle and Lower Class People to turn against their own and tear them down and then once they finally kill them and get them out the picture later on then they let everyone know what really went down they did the same thing with Michael Jackson as well the only reason why they could not tear dr. King and Malcolm X down it’s because they were too powerful we were not broken and psychologically we can like we are now so I feel for an activist up today or someone that’s trying to do things up today it’s going to be very very very hard to get the people to that point because we’re so deep and we drown in ignorance to the point where I don’t think that it’s going to be that easy and I believe what’s happening now is the fact that Omar Johnson is probably getting pretty close to getting that educational board whatever it is he got planned for the people and they’re trying to stop at nothing for him to get that they’re going to do everything in their power to stop him from doing it and if that still doesn’t work then the last option is execution assassination like they did all the other black people that stood up for us”

I’m saying though, just tell us how you really feel!!! One thing we refuse to do is support frauds, cons, & shysters regardless of race, gender, or creed. With that in mind, Umar Johnson is (and will continue not to be) no exception to this rule and there won’t be a damn thing his Umarians will say and/or do that will make it any different.

As we know that there are a few upcoming lectures on his calendar, we’re sure that we will be keeping all of you posted on what comes after (or before LOL). Stay woke!!!

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